For Community Day of Scholarship, I attended Mary's presentation of arts education with children. The event was amazing, and very well organized.
She began by asking everyone in the group to take a ball of clay. We were then instructed to play with the clay and just describe the feeling of the material. We continued to follow Mary's directions as we explored our own voices as we learned the clay.
From Mary, I learned a new way of teaching by letting the students direct their own learning. The teach in that respect is the facilitator of the learning, with the students exploring their surrounding world.
Mary then gave us a presentation on how her own students, and how they embraced this style of learning.
The presentation was inspiring, and genuinely helped me as I tried to imagine how I would teach the children at the Peabody school. I look forward to beginning work with them, now that have this clearer vision of "what makes a valuable educational experience".