I believe that technology is an increasingly important aspect to our developing society. Today, more than every, technology is being used as a means of communication, representation, and even transportation (in terms of imagery). Professionally, technology is used as a very effective marketing tool. Social networking web sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin are being used to connect professionals, allow individuals to market themselves or business and to explore new communities and possibilities for their own work.

In my work, if find it extremely important to be literate in technology. As a developing professional, I am at a time in my life where it is important to be able to market myself as efficiently as possible. By using technology, I can get information to professional artists, galleries, museums and schools faster than ever. I can show my artwork, hold a video conference and even display video of my previous teaching experience directly over the internet. Instead of carrying around a portfolio and resume where ever I go, I need only to remember my web site where all of my professional and contact information is on display.

Understanding how these free marketing tools work is also a skill that is becoming more and more desired by employers. My work with Out of the Blue Art Gallery has been completely centered around this idea of Web based marketing and community interface. I have developed networking web sites as well taught members of the gallery the skills they need in order to market themselves successfully. As a result of my knowledge in this matter, I have added a new skill to my resume and have become an important member of the Out of the Blue Art Gallery team.

Without my technological literacy, I would not be able to find most of my working and volunteering opportunities, but also - my work with the community would not be able to reach out as much as it now is. I now have the ability to reach countless individuals with my community programing and art-based actives.

Not only is technological literacy beneficial in today's modern world, but it is essential.