My community project is based on my work as a resident artist at the Peabody School in Cambridge, MA. I will be engaging the entire 8th grade class in an arts project based on their legacy. The project will be on display at the school for years to come, as a monument to the years they spent growing and evolving throughout their education. The project is a quilt that will be separated into three sections: past, present and future. Each student will work on each section as they develop a patch that represents them on their own individual journey.

I have envisioned this project, and have developed samples for them to look at. I try to imagine how the project will turn out, but with a project like mine, there is a tremendous amount of freedom for the students to take lead of the assignment. I have designed the project so that it lends itself to work for whoever makes it, and where ever it is displayed. The idea of legacy is that one leaves behind a piece of themselves so that they write themselves in history. This quilt could be displayed in any location and would still read the same - as a story board or scrap book of memories, goals and identity.

Where I expect my project to shift is in the context of display. The project itself will not change, but how and where I display it all depends on what walls are available in the school, what areas of the school are most trafficked and where they can be hung out of reach of grabbing hands.