Reflecting on my website, overall, I am pleased with the results. I think that it is vitally important for any professional to have a web site for many reasons such as: marketing, learning, displaying works, and overall education and discovery. Learning how to understand and work technology is a literacy within itself, and in order to function in the world that is full of multiple literacies, it is important to know how to work and manipulate the technological tools we have. 

I feel that I have a lot of work to do on my site as of today. I am catching up on translating me written reading notes to a new blog I have created called my "reading journal". That is maybe the largest project I have facing me as of now. Once I am done with that, I will continue to upload my art images, as well as work on and educational philosophy. Having never actually taught in a school before, i will have to spend a lot of time thinking instead of what I think is important about teaching, and less about my actual experience in the field.

Over all, I really like that we are working on a website as a part of our class, but I wish that we had more time to work on the mechanics of site together. It is difficult to focus on the topics of the course, while at the same time figure out the technology. It is very difficult. At the end of the day, I spend just as much effort trying to work the web site out as I do trying to define my own work. I think that it far more important for me to work on my assignments than to worry about the technology. But, I need to put that aside, because this is a good lesson within itself: in any job I may have, there will be work to do that I am familiar with, and then work I will have to do not related to my work. It is an important lesson to learn how to balance these two efforts.

I know that by the end of class I will have better defined myself as an artist and educator, as well as have a savey site that everyone will see, understand, and appreciate!