Literacy is something I am still struggling to understand. If someone were to ask me what literacy is, my first reply would be "the ability to critically understand something". This understanding could come through seeing, reading, hearing, experiencing... and so fourth. what is important in the definition is the critical understanding.

What I mean by a critical understanding is to understand of multiple levels. If you can take a question, answer it, then ask another question sparked by that answer, you are beginning to critically analyze. The term literacy may have began as a soul way of saying someone could read and write. Today, we use it for many different reasons in many different ways, however, it still means reletivly the same thing - to be able to read (into or about) something and to be able to write (communicate, respond, or express one's thoughts) on that something. If you can see something, understand all the ins and outs of it, and be able to add to that understanding through your own means, then you are 100% literate in it. For example, i am literate in visual art, and partially literate in the politics of the world.

I feel, and hope, that my definition of literacy will continue to grow and better define itself throughout the course of this class.

if you have any comments, please let me know what you think!